We are currently closed to submissions.

Clockpunk Press is a boutique digital media and publishing company developing high-quality works of speculative fiction. In particular, we focus on steampunk, greenpunk, clockpunk, gaslamp, or similar themed novels. Steampunk readers are smart, aesthetically sensitive, and thirsty for well-written, well-researched novels. We are currently seeking works with strong voices, excellent world-building, an eye for technical accuracy, and spunk.


When open, we accept submissions for original novels 50,000-130,000 in length. Well-written, consideration-ready works in the steampunk, greenpunk, clockpunk, gaslamp, Gothic, or similar style will be considered.

We accept both agented and unagented submissions.

  • All submissions must have strong steampunk, clockpunk, greenpunk, gaslamp, or Gothic elements/themes/enviroments.
  • Adult novels should be approximately 60k to 120k words in length. If the work is heavily romantic (which is fine), it should run under 90k.
  • YA novels will be considered on a very limited basis.  We are primarily focused on adult novels. YA novels should be approximately 50k to 100k words in length.
  • While we do not publish purely erotic works, we're no prudes. We will consider works with an erotic element as long as they are an essential element (but usually secondary) to the main theme of the story.
  •  All works must be original, previously unpublished works.

  • How to Submit:

    Note: We are currently closed to submissions. 

    When open, please send a query letter and the first 30 pages of your novel to

    In the subject line write: NOVEL SUBMISSION, YOUR TITLE, YOUR NAME.

    No attachments.

    We like both new and established writers. Having been both new and established, we know that becoming established sucks. If you are established, share your publishing credits (self-pubs and indies encouraged). Agented material welcomed.

    Any deviation from the required format will result in an automatic but polite rejection.

    Please allow up to three months for a reply. If you don't hear from us by then, please feel free inquire on status.